Adobe Illustrator Cs2 Requirements

Adobe released Illustrator CS2 in 2005 as either standalone software or as part of Adobe Creative Suite 2. The software allows artists to create professional-quality vector-based graphics. Because CS2 is several years old as of 2010, the system requirements necessary for the program to function are less intensive, making the program suitable for older computers.


Macintosh users who wish to use Adobe CS2 should have, at minimum, a G4 or G5 PowerPC processor. Windows users should have an Intel Pentium III or 4 processor.

Operating System

The minimum operating system to support Adobe Illustrator CS2 is Windows 2000 with SP4. Adobe indicates that Windows XP with Service Pack 1 or Service Pack 2 will also work.

The minimum Mac operating system that will run CS2 is 10.2.8. According to Adobe, OS 10.3 through 10.3.9 are compatible with CS2 as well.

Hard Drive

Macintosh computers need 960 megabytes of free hard-drive space, while Windows computers need 820 megabytes of free space for Illustrator CS2.


Adobe Illustrator CS2 requires at least 250 megabytes of RAM to function properly. This applies to Mac and Windows-based computers. Adobe recommends 512 megabytes for optimal Illustrator CS2 performance.


To run Illustrator CS2, you need a 16-bit video card or better, and a color monitor capable of displaying a resolution of at least 1,024 by 768.

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