Adobe Director 11 Tutorial

Adobe Director is movie-editing software that allows users to create a movie using a mixture of graphics, sound, text and video files. These files are imported into the program and then rearranged on a stage and in a timeline to create basic movies. The finished product is saved as a Flash video file, which is ideal for uploading to websites.

Open a New Project

To begin a new project in Adobe Director, open a new file and create a stage. To open the file, go to the “File” menu and “New.” This will open a default stage. You can change these default stage settings by going to the “Window” menu and clicking on “Property Inspector.” Switch to the “Movie” tab and you will see the settings for your stage. You can change the stage size, the coloring and the number of channels on your stage. The channel number determines how many “sprites,” or individual objects, can be used in your Director movie.

Build the Movie

Once you have created your screen, you will build onto your Adobe Director movie. To add objects to Director that can be used in your movie, go to the “File” menu and select “Import.” Browse for each file that you want to add to your project and click the “Import” button to pull them into Director.

To see the objects that you have added, go to the “Window” menu and choose “Cast.” This brings up all of your “cast members,” which is what Director calls the objects, such as graphics, video and audio files, that have been added to your Director project. After these cast members have been added, they can then be used in the production of your movie. In order to use a cast member, simply click on the member in the “Cast” window and drag it anywhere on the stage. This creates a copy of the cast member on the stage, or what Director refers to as a “sprite.” When a sprite is created on the stage, the sprite also appears in the movie timeline. The length of time that the sprite appears in your movie can be altered by dragging the beginning or end of the sprite clip to shorten or lengthen the clip.

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Simple Animation

Any sprite in your Director movie can be given simple basic animation. To animate an object to travel upward on the stage, click on the object that you would like to move and hold down the “Shift” key. A red dot will appear in the center of the object. Click the red dot and drag it in the direction you want the object to move. By holding the “Shift” key down, the line created will be a perfectly straight and vertical line. The animation will automatically be filled in on the timeline and during your movie, the object that you animated will travel straight up the screen in the path you indicated.

Publish for the Web

To save your completed movie, go to the “File” menu and select “Publish.” This will automatically create a Flash version of the movie with a DCR extension.