Adjust Video Volume In Movie Maker

With Windows Movie Maker, you can add professional touches to your movies, including narration, background music and credits. You can add your own audio after filming in a location where background noise dominates. After adding audio to your movie, adjust the volume with these steps.


1. Adjust volume in Movie Maker by clicking “Timeline” from the View menu option. Above and to the left of the timeline is a button for “Set Audio Levels.” When you click it, a volume slider pops up. Drag it left to make the audio from the video more noticeable. Slide it to the right to focus more on the music.

2. Change the volume clip-by-clip with Movie Maker 2. Find the audio clip you want to adjust the volume for on the Audio or Audio/Music track on the timeline. Click “Clip.” Select “Audio.” Click on “Volume.”

3. Reduce volume by dragging the volume level slider left. Increase volume by sliding it right. A mute box allows you to program no sound at all. Don’t worry if you don’t get the sound right the first time. You can reset the volume by clicking the “Reset Volume” button.

4. Fix volume problems when one part of the clip is louder than the other by splitting the clip. Use different volume settings for the different sections.

5. Fade in or out by clicking “Clip,” and then “Audio.” Both choices are available. Or fade in by right-clicking on the clip.

6. Alter the volume of background music by right-clicking the audio/music part on your timeline. Click “Volume.” Slide right to make it louder, left to make it softer. Repeat if necessary.

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7. Modify the input level when you narrate the timeline. Start with the input level button halfway and speak into the microphone. Adjust the button if the narration is too soft or too loud. You can also adjust already recorded narration by right-clicking on narration and selecting volume. Or you can right-click and select “Delete” when you want to rerecord.