Adjust The Video Color In Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro offers a range of professional video editing tools to help you create a quality video. Filming at a variety of locations will produce footage with varying picture qualities throughout your movie unless you add video effects to your sequence time line. When video footage renders inconsistent color tones, you can adjust the pixel values to even the color tone throughout your footage. Adjust the light and dark color tones in your video to help you produce a professional looking finished product.


1. Click the triangle next to Video Effects, then expand the “Color Correction” menu.

2. Drag the RGB curves to the video timeline panel. The RGB curves effect adjusts the luminance and the color of your video.

3. Click the menu triangle to expand the RGB Curves controls in the Effects control panel in the left pane. A graph will appear in your viewing window. Click to add a point on the appropriate graph to adjust all color channels (Master). Alternatively, you can adjust the red channel, the green channel, or the blue channel separately.

4. Drag the points on the color curve up to lighten the colors and downward to darken the colors.

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