Adjust The Tempo For A Midi Editor Magix Music Maker

Adjust the Tempo for a MIDI Editor Magix Music Maker

Whether you need to tweak the speed of a MIDI sequence to set up a change in your song’s tempo or key or you’d like to use the tempo change as a musical effect, Magix Music Maker makes it easy to adjust your MIDI track. Magix Music Maker’s user interface is designed so that even entry level music enthusiasts can make precise edits to a MIDI’s tempo.


1. Navigate down to the MIDI track that you’d like to edit in the main menu of Magix Music Maker. Right click on the MIDI sequence and then select the “Time Stretch & Transpose” option from the dropdown menu that appears (“Tempo & Pitch” > “Time Stretch & Transpose”).

2. Turn the “Tempo” knob to the left to decrease the tempo of your MIDI or to the right to increase it. Monitor the BPM (Beats Per Minute) window to keep track of how much of a change to the tempo is being made–it’s also helpful to monitor the BPM to compare it with the tempo of the main sequence.

3. Click on the “Play” button in the tempo editor to preview your tempo changes. Click on the “X” to discard your tempo change or click “Apply” to finalize it.

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