Action Replay Cheats For “Terranigma” Snes

Terranigma” is a classic Super Nintendo Entertainment System game, also sometimes referred to as “Tenchi Souzou.” This is a really long role-playing game for an SNES title and has several really difficult bosses. With a Pro Action Replay for your SNES, you can turn to Action Replay codes to make the game easier.

Strength and Hit Points

Input the code “7E065DFF” into your Action Replay device to automatically boost your strength to 255. Your strength value is frozen while this code is active, and no equipment or potions can increase or decrease your strength.

Enter the code “7E0662FF, 0FE065DF” to increase your hit points to 255. Your hit points are not frozen and can increase but only in multiples of 255. You are practically invincible because the code does not allow your health to drop below 255.


Input the code “7E0691FF” to gain significantly more experience. It will still take you time to level up, but if you do nothing but kill monsters for an hour, it should get you to at least level 45. Only activate this cheat when you plan on entering a combat environment. This code can freeze the game sometimes if you are in town or in a place devoid of enemies.


Enter the code “7E0697FF” to get the maximum number of gems — 99,999 — every time you pick up a single coin. You can also buy items and weapons from shops without your money decreasing. Your money will still decrease if you buy anything from a town merchant or do business at an Inn, but all you have to do to reload is pick up another coin somewhere.

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Enhanced Stats

Use the following code in combination with the others listed here for extra bonuses “7E065FFF, 7E0660FF, 7E0663FF, 7E0666FF”. Your luck will now be set at 255, your strength will be increased to 535, and your defense will be set at 535. Your defense and strength might only display a two-digit number, but that is only because the game wasn’t designed to display three-digit values. The effects are still active.