Acquire Edit & Burn Dvd Software For Transfer From A Jvc Gzmg70u

You can import and edit video files directly on your computer system.

JVC is a large electronics company that produces everything from televisions to CD players. JVC’s line of video cameras includes the GZ-MG70U, a model with an internal hard drive. The video camera records and saves all video content directly to a built-in hard drive. You can import the video information to your computer and edit and burn the content directly to a DVD, all with programming you already have installed on the computer.


1. Plug the provided USB cable into the USB port on the JVC video camera, then connect the free end to a USB port on the computer. Power on the video camera and click “Start” and “Computer,” then double-click the video camera icon. This loads a window with all the files stored on the camera.

2. Click and drag the video files from the open window to the desktop or any other location on the computer. This imports the files to your computer.

3. Open Windows Movie Maker from the “Start” menu, then choose “File,” “Import” and select the video files you want to edit. Click “OK,” and the files will load as thumbnails on the right side of the screen. Double-click the first file you want to edit, and it will load into the display in the middle of the screen. Click “Play” to begin the video playback, then click “Mark In Point” to set the first frame on the video file. Click “Mark Out Point” to set the out frame. Click and drag the video file to the time line. Repeat the process with all the video files you want in the project.

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4. Click “File” and “Export,” then name the file and choose a save location. Click “OK” to export the finished project.

5. Insert a blank DVD into the DVD burner of the computer, close out of the AutoPlay window and load Windows DVD Maker from the “Start” menu. Select “Next,” then choose the created video file and click “OK.” Select “Start Burn,” and the edited video file will be burned to the DVD.