Access Windows Xp Registry


The Windows XP registry is the center of a hard drive. It stores valuable information regarding programs, system devices and system information. Usually, viruses that plague your computer attach to the Windows XP registry to alter the applications. If you have a virus or need to make a change in your system, the registry is the first place to look. However, if you are unfamiliar with the Windows XP registry, changing information can be costly to your computer.


1. Click on the “Start Menu” on the lower left side. Select the “Run” option toward the bottom of the pop-up screen. A “Run” box will appear.

2. Insert “Regedit” into the “Open” box. Click the “OK” tab. The Windows XP registry will appear.

3. Change the options. The “Edit” tab allows you to create new strings and values. Select the “New” tab for these options. Double-click the folder on the left side to create, change or delete information that is there. When you click on the “+” key, it opens the folders in that section of the computer. Use the “Edit” tab to select the “Find” feature. Then search for the information.

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