A Video Transition In Adobe Premiere Pro

A “transition” in video editing is a visual devise placed between edits that can help a sequence move between cuts, shots and scenes. You will probably mostly use simple cuts to edit from shot to shot, but in other cases you may need to transition using fades, crossfades or more stylized effects. The Adobe Premiere Pro program has many transitions that you can apply to your sequence, including dissolves, wipes, slides, and zooms.


1. Add a transition between clipsby having two or more clips placed in the Timeline. Complete a simple sequence of edits before you attempt to apply transition effects.

2. Go to the Effects panel, and locate the transition you want to use. You’ll need to expand the Video Transitions bin by clicking on the arrow to the left of the bin.

3. Drag the transition to the “cut line” between the two clips, while holding down the “Ctrl” key. Release the mouse when the transition icon appears. You will be selecting either “End at Cut” to align the end of the transition to the end of your first clip, “Center at Cut” to center the transition over the cut, or “Start at Cut” to align the beginning of the transition to the beginning of your second clip.

4. Observe which areas will be covered by the transition effect as you drag the transition effect to your Timeline.

5. Hold down the “Ctrl” key if you drag a transition onto a clip that is not directly adjacent to another clip . The transition automatically becomes single-sided.

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6. Double click on the transition to be able to specify options. The effects control dialog box will open. For each effect you can choose various options, and you can choose to view with your actual source clips.

7. Preview a transition by playing the sequence ion the Program monitor, or drag your current-time indicator through the transition manually