A Title Page To An Mpeg Video With Software

Just like a book, every video needs a title.

MPEG is an extremely common video format and accepted by most computer systems and the media players installed. If you are looking to add a quick title to the video, without spending hours editing the MPEG file, it is possible to do so with the video editing tool already installed on your computer system. This prevents you from downloading or purchasing any additional third-party software.


1. Open Windows Media Player (it is available on the “Start” menu under “All Programs”).

2. Click “File,” “Import,” then select the “MPEG” video file you want to load and add the title. The video loads as a thumbnail on the right side of the program window.

3. Click and drag the MPEG video file down to the time line.

4. Click the mouse at the front of the time line. This sets yourself up to place the title at the front of the video clip.

5. Select the “Title” tool option. A new list of display options appears on the screen. Type in the desired title in the given bar, then select any effect you want the title to use (such as fade, a scroll or wipe). Accept the title changes, then click out of the Title tool option to approve the addition of the title to the MPEG video.

6. Select “File,” “Save Movie As,” then title the video file, choose a location to save the file to and click “OK” to export the new MPEG video file with a title page at front.

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